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Nigel Kettle Wealth and Philanthropy Advisor
Meet Nigel Kettle, your wealth and philanthropy advisor      

Nigel serves his clients using his 20 years of Bay Street capital market, bond trading and investment banking experience. He created Kettle Wealth Management as a wealth management company that focuses on advising affluent clients across Canada. Those who have built successful businesses or that are C-level executives and caught in the highest tax bracket. 

Kettle Wealth Management covers an array of services but our specialty is helping business owners save up to 100% in taxes while building them pension plans that will provide a tax efficient cash flow over their retirement. At Kettle Wealth Management we know that this sounds too good to be true so we invite you to read our testimonials and hear what our clients say about the strategies. 

What exactly can Kettle Wealth Management do for you? We create:
  1. A large, predictable, and tax efficient cash flow for 25+ years of retirement
  2. A no volatility plan where your capital cannot go down in value and remains liquid and accessible to you.
  3. A pension plan that can be built within your corporation to create more tax efficiencies 
  4. A return of multiples of the original amount invested to your estate on a tax-free basis so you can leave a legacy for your spouse, children, grandchildren, or favourite charity
These benefits are supported by the plan's 130 years of proven market success. Furthermore, Kettle Wealth Management will underwrite the cost of having your accountant review the strategy.
Find out How You Can Benefit From up to 100% Tax Efficiency

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Nigel Kettle
Wealth and Philanthropy